February 21 2016

Creating Amzing Sliding Tabs With Android Material Design

Android Material Design enable developers to create amazing UI/UX. This helps developers dedicate the majority of their time working on the actual

October 26 2014

Submitting ExpressionEngine’s Contact form with Ajax.

If you ever used ExpressionEngine on your website,then at some point you must have been annoyed by its default contact form submission action,

October 03 2014

Smart & Faster Coding with Sublime Text and Emmet, A.K.A zen coding - The HTML

For developers, speed is always a welcome addition, that's why are always looking for ways to to add speed and effeciency to our work through

August 13 2014

Digging ruby from Roda, a rack based web framework.

Recently, I have been looking for a good ruby project to contribute to. Its rather a personal journey to this world of programming fantasies. My

August 07 2014

Rich Text Editing & Syntax Highlighting with Markdown

The title might seem vague but I had nothing else in mind to convey what I am about to say in this post.I have been smitten with ruby, and markdown

February 13 2014

Migrating Rails Application Data from sqlite3 to PostgreSQL

While i was trying to deploy a rails app into heroku, I realized that i had to change my database to use PostgreSQL in production because that's

July 26 2013

How i decided to bite the bullet and learn programming

The year is 2012, and poor old me is still doing some css and html stuff, something inside me (my alter ego) keeps on telling me i need to learn

July 22 2013

Use coffeescript for better markup and code readability

As a designer / developer, you always want to use tools that make your job easy and painless. This is the reason tools like ruby on rails or other